Master Drafter

Master Drafter is an entry-level solution to Farm Automation. Utilising proven Feedmaster NFS systems and gate hardware, it is a simple, stand-alone, automated drafting unit.

Master Drafter will generate simple drafting reports.  Master Drafter allows you to get on with the business of milking while your drafts are automatically taken care of.  A single in-dairy touch screen controls the system. This easy-to-use interface allows you to view all cows in the herd and easily assign an instant or pre-defined draft against one or many cows.

Remote Control:

A Remote Control unit is supplied with all Master Drafter installations. The unit is effective up to a distance of 50m from the drafting gate. The Remote Control allows you to respond immediately – just press the appropriate draft direction button as the cow approaches the drafting gate and she will be waiting for you after milking.

Master Drafter provides you:
  • A simple stand-alone automated drafting unit. A low level of computer literacy is required to operate
  • The system is suitable for all shed designs and can integrate seamlessly with your on-farm practices
  • Master Drafter is driven by a single in-dairy touch screen that is simple to use
  • Animal EIDs are pre-loaded directly into the touch screen and the animal is identified at the drafting gate only
Smart Draft Video Link:

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