Attrition Disc Mill

Disc Mill
Disc Mill

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Note. **TPH is based on Wheat

Attrition Disc Mill Features:


  • Produces granulated feed to fine meal
    Uniform feed for all animal requirements (Dairy/Beef even granulated feed : Pigs Fine meal : Poultry Fine granulated )
  • Processes mixed grains
    Can handle mixed varieties & sized grains to produce one size result
  • Comfortably processes small pinched grains
    Handles poor season grains
  • No close contact moving parts
    Hard foreign objects unlikely to cause serious costly damage
  • Long life wearing parts
    No close contact moving parts means less wear less service required
  • Low cost replacement consumables
    A fraction of the cost of all competition
  • Simplest coarse/fine adjustment
    No tools required
    Easy dial turn feed size adjustment
  • Highest throughput of disc mill range
    Per kw/tonne most efficient in disc mill range
  • Magnet protection
    Heavy duty magnet mounted in-feed chute
  • NFS Support
    Backed by Northern Feed Systems proven support & service for over 30 years



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Attrition Disc Mill

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